Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Izek Shomof Going Taller in Downtown

400 S Broadway, as it currently stands

Remember when the Downtown News reported that Izek Shomof wanted to build a 22-story, 400 unit residential tower at the southeastern corner of 4th and Broadway?  Turns out that the veteran Historic Core developer is a bit more ambitious than that.  Plans were submitted to the Department of City Planning earlier this month for the construction of a new 34-story mixed-use tower over a subterranean parking garage at 400 S Broadway.

The LA Business Journal reports (via Curbed LA) that Shomof is opting to build more parking than the city requires for this project.  While some may decry showing such deference to the automobile, this is a necessary evil for the time being, as the car will remain king in Los Angeles for the foreseeable future.  However, Shomof deserves kudos for putting said garage underground.  This adds quite a bit to the construction costs, but eliminates the need for an unsightly podium (looking at you, Vermont Towers).

Shomof's tower isn't the only proposal on the table which would raise the height profile of the Historic Core.  Last month, Joseph Hellen announced his intent to build a 40-story tower on Spring Street.  Barry Shy also plans to build a 40-story tower at the southwestern corner of 6th and Main, containing 350 residential units above a 1,200 car garage.

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