Tuesday, October 29, 2013

535 Kingsley: Rendered

Seems like the Archeon Group's work is showing up all over Koreatown these days.  Last week we took a glance at a their very preliminary looking design for a mixed-use project on Vermont Avenue.  Now we head north of Wilshire to check out renderings of 535 Kingsley Drive.  The low-rise development, which was first spotted back in August, would contain 83 apartments and a parking garage within its six-story frame.  Will the architecture win awards?  Probably not.  But with some quality cladding, this could turn into a very solid infill project just a short walk from the Purple Line's Wilshire/Normandie Station.  At the very least, 535 Kingsley is a major improvement over the surface parking lot that it replaces.

535 Kingsley from its eastern profile.  All renderings from the Archeon Group.

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