Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ambitious Fantasy Map for Metro Rail

Reddit user Nandert recently drew up a future map for Metro, showing Los Angeles County crisscrossed by hundreds of miles of light and heavy rail in the year 2040.  This grand vision would bring tears of joy to many traffic choked Angelenos, although such a vast network would likely carry a price tag close to $100 billion (that's billion, with a "B").  Considering that the Federal government just went into shutdown mode this morning, perhaps now isn't the time to get optimistic about additional infrastructure spending out of Washington.

Still, it's fun to imagine the possibilities beyond the upcoming Measure R projects.  While I wouldn't bet on the chances of some of these projects, the hypothetical expansions on this map include:
  • Sepulveda Line running from the Sylmar Metrolink Station to the LAX Intermodal Transporation Center.
  • Purple Line extension west from the VA Hospital in Westwood to Downtown Santa Monica.
  • Crenshaw Line extension north to Hollywood/Highland via West Hollywood and south to Cal State Long Beach.
  • Green Line extension west from LAX to Downtown Santa Monica and east to the Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs Metrolink Station.
  • Slauson Line from LAX to Downtown Los Angeles via the Harbor Subdivision, then north to Glendale via Brand Boulevard.
  • Vermont subway from the Vermont/Athens Station up to Westlake/McArthur Park Station, then north to Glendale via Echo Park and Brand Boulevard.
  • Silver Line from Vermont/Sunset station traveling east through Union Station to the City of La Puente.
  • Orange Line from North Hollywood Station through Burbank down to Union Station, where it would merge with the planned Santa Ana Line.
  • Red Line extension north to Burbank Airport.
  • Revival of the cancelled Eastside Red Line extension, running from Union Station to the City of Whitter via Whittier Boulevard.
  • An Eastern Line running from north/south from Pasadena to Whittier Boulevard.
  • Blue Line extension east to Ontario International Airport.
  • Express rail service from LAX to Union Station via the Harbor Subdivision.

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  1. Please make this happen. Let's join the rest of the civilized cities.