Friday, May 16, 2014

Plans Emerge for New Apartments in Little Osaka

West LA's Sawtelle District, commonly referred to as Little Osaka, may be getting a new residential complex in the near future.  Next week, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission is scheduled to review plans for the Notting Hill Apartments, a 52-unit development proposed for the southeast corner of Sawtelle Boulevard and Missouri Avenue.  Designed by Newport Beach's MJS Design Group, the 38,000 square foot building would rise five stories, featuring multiple outdoor common areas and a three level underground parking garage.  Although developer Notting Hill, LLC initially proposed a six-story structure with just over 3,000 square feet of commercial space, plans were altered due to traffic concerns voiced by neighborhood stakeholders.  Instead, designs now call for a shorter project with nine live-work units, to be located at ground level on both the Missouri Avenue and Sawtelle Boulevard sides of the property.  As part of a density bonus, the Notting Hill Apartments will also offer five apartments restricted to very low income individuals.  The project site is currently developed with a cluster of one-story buildings, formerly home to the Harada Nursery, a defunct Japanese-American business founded shortly after World War II.


  1. Really? Notting Hills Apartment in Little Osaka?

    1. Yeah, that name had me cracking up as well. The design is nice enough, but "Notting Hill," certainly doesn't fit with the surroundings.

  2. Can you please refer to this area as "Sawtelle Japantown" and not Little Osaka in the future. The Sawtelle Japantown Association is currently working with the West LA Neighborhood Council and the City to install signage on Santa Monica and Sawtelle and Olympic and Sawtelle naming the area as such. For confirmation please refer to the WLA Neighborhood Council site: and this article.
    Thank you.