Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Freeway Adjacent Hotels Open in Redondo Beach

Nine months after we last stopped by, Redondo Beach's new Marine Avenue hotels are open for business.  Consisting of a 147-room Hilton Garden Inn and a 172-room Marriott Residence Inn, the low-rise structures were developed by TRCF Redondo, a Utah-based limited liability corporation.  Designed by the Denver-based Allred Architectural Group, the project occupies the former site of miniature golf course, and lies directly in-between the 405 Freeway and the Harbor Subdivision rail right-of-way.  Although the current surroundings (suburban office parks and car dealerships) may be underwhelming, the hotels will likely benefit from their transit adjacency and close proximity to LAX.  Located one block east of the western terminus of Metro's Green Line, Aviation/LAX Station lies just a five minute train ride away.  If LAWA can get their act together with its automated people mover, guests could even have an (almost) straight shot into the central terminal area.

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