Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sares-Regis Group's Little Tokyo Apartments Back in Motion

After a brief lull to start the year, construction is once again moving forward on the Sares-Regis Group's Little Tokyo Apartments.  A red construction crane has been raised high above the intersection of 2nd and San Pedro Streets, while a caravan of cement trucks helps to lay the foundation for the future $100 million development.  Set to rise seven stories, the TCA Architects-designed project will create 240 apartment homes above 16,000 square feet of ground floor retail and restaurant space.  Residential amenities will include a swimming pool, spa, fitness center, rooftop deck and a three-level underground parking garage.  Sares-Regis' project joins a similar 280-unit development from Avalon Bay, currently wrapping up construction next door.  The two projects represent the final build out of Little Tokyo's Block 8 redevelopment, which has successfully transformed what was once a six-acre parking lot into a trio of mixed-use complexes.  Both developments are also slated to gain a mid-rise neighbor in the near future, as the Malibu-based Weintraub Real Estate Group has plans for nine-story apartment building adjacent to the Cathedral of St. Vibiana.  Slowly but surely, the dividing line between Little Tokyo and the Historic Core is starting to blur.


  1. Good bye sweet view of downtown. lol

    I must say that the buildings they are just completing now are HIDEOUS. Just god awful colors and random boxes hanging off of them. Nothing Says "Japanese" like some Germans nightmare.

    1. Ava Little Tokyo is very...colorful. Looks like a completely different building from 2nd/Los Angeles. On the bright side, these projects will make a huge impact at street level.

  2. Well I hope they can fill in the ground floor retail quickly. Weller is turning into a ghost town. That and I hope they get rid of that and put a park in.