Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apartment Development Proposed in Northeast K-Town

Jam packed Koreatown is about to become a little bit more dense, with a new residential project slated for a property located just south of 1st Street.  According to plans recently filed with the city, a five-story, 40-unit condominium development is proposed for the parcel at 111 South Mariposa Avenue.  The project's LADCP case filing indicates that the building would provide future residents with 90 parking spaces, supplemented by a whopping total of five bicycle parking stalls.  111 Mariposa's previous owner had commissioned K-Town's Corbel Architects to draft a conceptual design for the site.  However, those hypothetical plans called for a slightly larger project, consisting of 51 residential units.  At this time, the project site is developed with a two-story building, currently occupied by the Myung Sung Presbyterian Church.  The existing structure, which was constructed in 1917, would likely be demolished to make way for the condominium development.

Corbel Architects' conceptual design for 111 Mariposa Avenue


  1. Is it common to provide 2.25 parking spaces per unit with no retail present?

    1. I think that's what's required by code, unless the building is in close proximity to transit.