Friday, August 16, 2013

Selma and Vine Moving Towards Construction

Selma and Vine.  Image from TCA Architects.

Back in February, Curbed LA broke the news that the long stalled mixed-use development slated for the southeastern corner of Selma and Vine was coming back from the dead.  Since then, 1540 N. Vine has slowly made its way through the permitting process and has now reached the plan check stage.

A close up gives us a look at some architectural details.  Cladding on the Vine Street frontage appears to be brick and wood veneer.  TCA's unofficial trademark is copious amounts of stucco, so this represents a welcome departure.

When completed in 2016, Selma and Vine will bring 306 apartments with ground floor retail.  No official word on a groundbreaking date, but late 2013/early 2014 seems likely based on where the project currently stands with the Department of Building and Safety.

This comes on the heels of the revelation that J.H. Snyder will take over development of 1601 N Vine, planned for the opposite side of the intersection.  Groundbreaking for the eight story office building is expected by April of 2014.

1601 N Vine

And all of this is located no more than a five minute walk from the Hollywood/Vine Red Line station.  The neighborhood around the station is seeing a tsunami of proposed developments, including the tall (and controversial) Millenium Hollywood towers, the Columbia Square redevelopment, and the twin 28-story Palladium Residences.  No wonder Hollywood NIMBYs are freaking out: this is their ultimate nightmare scenario.

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