Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Century Old Grayco Building Will Become Mixed-Use Development

Just when all was quiet on Downtown Los Angeles' adaptive re-use front, the Department of City Planning sends out this notice

The Grayco Building, as it appeared in the 1920's.  Image from USC's Digital Library.

752, 754, 756 South Los Angeles Street

"...the Adaptive Reuse of an existing nine-story plus basement, mezzanine and penthouse, 46,709 square-foot light manufacturing building with ground-level retail uses, into a mixed-use building containing 54 joint live/work dwelling units and ground-level retail uses
...Average floor area of 583 square feet per unit in lieu of the otherwise required average floor area of 750 square feet per unit..."
The Grayco Building has 100 years of history within its walls, and soon it will also have dozens of permanent residents crammed into tiny apartments.  Just for fun, here are some more images of the building from long before any of us were born.

Seen here in 1926.  Image from USC's Digital Archive.

The Grayco Building's Ground Level Interior in 1927.  Image from USC's Digital Archive.

While the exterior is attractive, if unspectacular, the interior was a true work of art.  Of course, it's difficult to say if that beautiful craftsmanship still exists underneath a ground level exterior that currently looks like this:

Anyone want to hit up SuitFellas?  Yeah...great pun, guys.
While I'd love to imagine a scenario where the Grayco Building is restored to its early 20th century appearance, I think we're in for something similar to the treatment received by its next door neighbors: the Santee Village Lofts.

The Santee Village Lofts comprise the two buildings on the left.  The 1913 Grayco Building is on the right.

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