Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another Mixed-User Headed to Santa Monica Boulevard

11852 Santa Monica Boulevard

Just as one of West Los Angeles' abandoned car dealership prepares for a mixed-use conversion, a similar development plan is emerging at the same intersection.  According to a recent case filing from LADCP, a quarter-acre lot at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Westgate Avenue is slated for a new residential-retail development.  Plans call for a four-story building, consisting of 39 apartments and ground-level commercial space.  The apartments and retail stalls would be served by a three-level subterranean parking garage.

The low-rise complex would rise directly across the street from a larger mixed-use development, proposed by the Hollywood-based CIM Group.  Their plans, recently discussed with members of the West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, would create a four-story, 157-unit apartment building on the former site of Beurge Ford.

Adding to this momentum, other development schemes are percolating on properties further east.  CIM Group owns a second vacant car dealership nearby, although exact plans for the property have yet to crystallize.  Surprisingly, Curbed LA reports that development rumors have also surfaced at the former site of West Los Angeles' "Ghetto Vons."

11852 Santa Monica Boulevard


  1. This stretch of Santa Monica is tragically ugly and prime example of poor zoning decision a generation ago. Good to see some low rise development slowly taking shape. Is 4 story the local zoning variance limit for Santa Monica Blvd? Seems like the trend in West LA now is 5 story low rise.

    1. Not sure about the height limit, although four/five stories does seem to be the most anyone is shooting for around here. I'm sure the developers are cognisant of West LA's attitude towards anything tall.

      This section of SaMo Blvd needs a ton of work, although there is a nice, walkable stretch east of Barrington (on the north side of the street).

  2. Hopefully, they'll incorporate nice wide sidewalks with beautiful trees and benches, and classy lighting. I won't hold my breath, though.