Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Boyle Heights Getting More Gold Line TOD Action

Back in January, news of a supportive housing project adjacent to the Gold Line's Indiana Station was met with hostility from Boyle Heights residents.  Hopefully a proposed transit oriented development next to Soto Station will get a warmer response.  According to a recent case filing with LADCP, plans are in the works for a 64,000 square foot mixed-use structure near the intersection of 1st and Soto Streets.  Rising six stories, the project would consist of 50 residential units, 3,400 square feet of street level commercial space, and 8,500 square feet of office space on its top floor.  Residential and commercial tenants would be served by a 70-vehicle garage, most of which would be located underground.  Occupying three parcels between 2407 and 2421 E. 1st Street, the project will require the demolition of several existing residential structures, some of which date back to the late 19th century.  Although a six-story building would tower over the mostly low slung Boyle Heights neighborhood, 2407 E. 1st Street may be in store for neighbors of a similar scale in the near future.  Metro is currently soliciting bids for a mixed-use development to be built on their 1.4 acre property on the opposite side of the intersection.


  1. I think the main sticking point with the Lorena Plaza project is that half of its units are reserved for mentally ill/formerly homeless people. While I think that a Community of Friends does excellent work, I also understand why the neighbors are less than thrilled.

  2. This is so sad, 2 old charming houses/multifamily for a 6 story shitbox, there's an empty lot right across from there, I hope the project gets opposition.

    1. From what I understand, there are already plans for that site.

  3. The issue with Community of friends and E.L.A.C.C. violation of the community civil rights and denial to notify the community as to the developments. They are so connected with the political arena they follow the no accountability of or politicians in city council. There is no resources for homeless or mentally ill individuals in Boyle heights, even Los Angeles police Dept does not have the resources to look after mentally ill because thus type of housing do come with the necessary health facilities they need. The neighbors will be force to look out for the people and call 911. It has been well known that the new rich tenants downtown are paying politician to move homes out and no one wants them so they dump the unwanted into Boyle heights because the people will not stop them until it becomes a safety issue a and than is too late. Every community should have their share according to the population. Also all cities in California should share with taking care of the needy population