Monday, November 4, 2013

The Palms: An Art Deco Throwback

All images from Plus Architects

Looks like Palms' next mixed-use development may be a blast from the past.  Curbed LA first spotted a project from Gateway Equities, LLC working its way through the Department of City Planning back in 2011.  Last month, plans re-emerged for "The Palms," a mixed-use development intended for the parcel at the northeastern corner of Washington Boulevard and Overland Avenue.   The project is set to stand six-stories, consisting of 126-residential units above 41,000 square feet of ground level commercial space.  Locally based Plus Architects drew up the Palms' retro design.  A nice nod to Los Angeles' rich Art Deco history, as well as the historic MGM Studios campus located directly across the street.


  1. Yikes. While I typically find Art Deco revival buildings to be fairly nice, this one looks ridiculous, especially the very out of place upper-story balconies.

  2. Yeah, I had the same thought about the balconies. They seem out of place given the architectural style of the building.

  3. Those balconies look like grocery carts jutting out the front