Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hollywood's Lexington Development Redesigned and Downsized

Viewed from the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Las Palmas Avenue

Five years after stalling out with developer DS Ventures, Central Hollywood's massive Lexington project is somehow alive and kicking.  The mixed-use development, proposed for a 5.9-acre site at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Las Palmas Avenue, would create a series of low-rise buildings featuring apartments and/or condominiums above ground-level commercial space.  A recently released FEIR casts some light on the updated, and slightly reduced development program.

Revised plans for the Lexington were designed by Santa Monica-based VTBS Architects, and call for six buildings, ranging from five-to-seven stories in height.  The low-rise structures will contain a total of 695 studio, one and two-bedroom units.  This represents a sharp decrease from the 786 dwelling units proposed under the former development program.  Conversely, the new plans call for just under 25,000 square feet of ground-level retail and restaurant space, a slight increase from the original proposal.  The project will also offer parking accommodations for nearly 1,400 vehicles, to be located in a three-level, partially-underground garage.

Buildings would be divided by approximately 71,000 square feet of open space, including outdoor seating, a children's play lawn, and pathways.  A landscaped plaza would cut through the center of the development site, offering a pedestrian link between Santa Monica Boulevard and Lexington Avenue.  Residents would also benefit from two landscaped courtyards, each containing a pool, barbeque pits, tables and chairs.

The revived Lexington project is being spearheaded by Eugene La Pietra, a local nightclub owner who had previously partnered with DS Ventures on the project.  However, don't expect to see shovels hit the dirt anytime soon.  Construction of the mixed-use complex will first require a change in both the property's land-use designation and zoning.

The earlier design for the Lexington, by VTBS Architects.  Image credit: BJA3D


  1. The definition of "blah" but at least it isn't tangerine, magenta, turquoise and brown all on one side.

    1. One of its future neighbors down the road has streamers, like a Barbie tricycle.

    2. Yikes, are you referring to the chrome eyelashes at Santa Monica/La Brea, or is there some other monstrosity on the way?!

      This building is certainly better than what currently occupies that part of Santa Monica Blvd., so as boring and unremarkable as it is, it's a positive change.

  2. That would be the one. Can't remember if that's the Dylan or the Huxley.