Thursday, July 3, 2014

Whoa: Eric Owen Moss's Expo-Adjacent Tower Pulls Permits

Expo Line passengers in-between the Culver City and La Cienega/Jefferson Stations might be getting some very noticeable eye candy in the not-so-distant future.  Believe it or not, LADBS permits appear to be in the works for (W)rapper, the poorly-named, Eric Owen Moss-designed creative office building slated for the intersection of Jefferson and National Boulevards.

Due to an extremely high floor-to-ceiling ratio, the 12-story tower would stand 230 feet tall, giving it a monolithic presence within the primarily low-rise Baldwin Hills neighborhood.  Consisting of just over 150,000 square feet of office space, (W)rapper's design would utilize a "continuous system of curvilinear ribbons," to allow for completely open floor plans.  The tower would rise above three levels of parking -- one at-grade and two below ground.

The project is being developed by Samitaur Constructs, landlord of the Conjunctive Points creative office haven.  The firm has engaged in a successful partnership with Eric Owen Moss Architects over the past several decades, creating a multitude of undulating structures that fascinate potential tenants and passersby alike.  (W)rapper would be their most ambitious collaboration to date, and one of only a handful inside Los Angeles city limits.

Located at 5790 Jefferson Boulevard, the creative office tower would sit within walking distance of La Cienega/Jefferson Station.  Although many of the blocks surrounding the elevated tracks are car-oriented in design, several  properties could lend themselves to a future mixed-use community.  Notably, the 10-acre site that currently houses the KLOS/KABC radio broadcast facility was put up for sale late last year.  Further south, development rumors have also floated around a 5-acre, city-owned property on Jefferson Boulevard.


  1. Based on your knowledge of tracking these projects, how long do building permits take to clear?

    1. It really depends on how fast the developer wants to get sticks in the ground, and on the size/scope of the project itself. In this case, I wouldn't expect to see shovels anytime soon. Looks like they're just getting a review of plans, but haven't applied for excavation/shoring permits yet.

  2. I have reached out to Samitaur Constructs ( Frederick-Laurie Samitaur -Smith) I hope I will meet them soon as well as Eric Owen Moss. I would like to do a sculpture for "W(rapper) and The Waffle. I love both of these Communities, I want to be part of an innovative group such as the Developers and the Architect! I remain very positive and hopeful.