Friday, March 21, 2014

Massive Vermont Towers Finishing Up

Koreatown's Vermont Towers and their famously obtrusive parking podium are finally in the home stretch.  The mixed-use development from the J.H. Snyder Company is one of only a handful of high-rise projects to break ground in Los Angeles since the recession.  With towers of 29 and 23 stories, the Vermont adds 464 one and two bedroom units directly across the street from the bustling Wilshire/Vermont subway station.  Designed by the Venice-based Jerde Partnership, the $200 million project features residential amenities including an outdoor garden, heated swimming pool, gym and dog park with views of the Downtown skyline.  Despite its highly visible parking accommodations, the Vermont has also extended an olive branch to pedestrians.  The project has resulted in a variety of streetscape improvements along the western and northern sides of the property, including new palm trees and extra-wide sidewalks.  The towers will greet Wilshire Boulevard with a landscaped pedestrian plaza, centered around 40,000 square feet of retail space with room for a full service market.  After two years of construction, the towers are scheduled to open their doors in May of this year.  Mark it of on your calendars, everyone.

Viewed from 7th Street.

Earlier plans called for park space on this site, but the project's website now indicates that we're looking at a future driveway.

View looking west down Wilshire Boulevard, into the heart of Koreatown.

View of the towers looking southwest.

The Vermont's future pedestrian plaza along Wilshire Boulevard.

Looking south from Wilshire Boulevard.  Wide, landscaped sidewalks are practically unheard of along Vermont Avenue.

The sidewalks are nice, and the view isn't half bad either.  Image from Mojeda101.


  1. Aside from the excessive parking podium, I'd say they did just about everything else right. The wide sidewalks and trees look great and the retail spaces look like they'll be a hit. It's miles ahead of what the Solair gave us at Wilshire and Western.

  2. Agreed. If the Wilshire Vermont apartments across the street are any indication, the retail spaces should have no trouble filling up.