Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hanover Group Plans South Park Domination With Another Mixed-User

Olympic & Olive

The Hanover Company already has two mixed-use developments in the works along Olympic Boulevard, but three makes a party.  According to a presentation given to the DLANC, the Texas-based developer intends to build another seven-story apartment building adjacent to their under-construction Olympic and Hill development.  Dubbed Olympic & Olive, Hanover's newest project would create 263 apartments and 14,500 square feet of ground floor retail space.  The building would sit above a two-and-a-half level underground parking garage, with room for just 250 vehicles.  With less than one automobile space per residential unit, Olympic & Olive joins several other upcoming developments in utilizing the city's bicycle parking ordinance to cut down on costly automobile accommodations.  If you feel like you've seen these renderings before, there's a reason for that.  Like Hanover's other South Park developments, Olympic & Olive was designed by Downtown-based Thomas Cox Architects.  Adding to the confusion, there is another mixed-use project named Olympic & Olive planned on the opposite side of the intersection.  The other Olympic & Olive, to be developed by Florida-based Lennar Multifamily Investors, would stand six stories and contain 201 apartments.  Cookie-cutter designs and confusing naming schemes aside, 2014 is shaping up to be South Park's biggest year ever. 

View looking southeast


  1. OK, now it is getting dull. I know you need to fill in the empty space to drive up prices to make towers make financial sense... but these designs SUCK.

    1. It's becoming a little bit homogenous. On the bright side, it looks like work has started back up at the Sares Regis project across from your office. There was a skeleton crew on site yesterday, and heavy equipment was moving.

    2. Yeah I have seen them working again. My coworker who has done a few development projects at his last job thinks they found something at the bottom and had to stop until it was dealt with. He had a project downtown that hit a tar seep.

  2. I wish Hanover also bought those one-story buildings just north of their site. It would be great to take down those junky buildings as well. Now they will be there for the foreseeable future under-utilizing their land.

  3. I come from the opposite school of thought. Monolithic super-block developments (i.e. G8) might eat up land faster, but they make for a less interesting street level experience. Either way, I'm not too worried about a few dingy one-story buildings. Given the amount of construction activity in South Park right now, it's probably just a matter of time until someone decides to knock them down and put up something taller.