Thursday, January 30, 2014

Out With Old-School Bungalows, In With New-School Apartments

In Koreatown, it's out with the old and in the the new, as developers lay waste to early 20th century structures to make room for new multi-family buildings.  Next up on the chopping block may be a pair of 100+ year old bungalows located just south of 8th Street.  A new proposal would level the structures at 831 - 843 Harvard Boulevard to make way for a larger, 67-unit development.  This project, located at 837 Harvard, appears to be the work of the locally based Keren Investment Group.  The two bungalows, both constructed in 1910, are relics of a time when the Wilshire corridor consisted of single family homes rather than office towers.  However, the proposed building at 837 Harvard Street is not the only residential project on the boards in this part of K-Town.  Across the street, a mixed-use development dubbed 8th & Harvard would create 131 condo units above 7,000 square feet of ground floor retail space.  Two blocks north, Jamison Services plans to construct a 209-unit apartment building at 3640 Wilshire Boulevard.  Both projects are designed by the Koreatown-based Archeon Group, and luckily don't require the demolition of any century-old bungalows.

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