Monday, December 2, 2013

Mixed-Use Action Near the Cornfield

All images from T.A. Patty Development, Inc.

All of a sudden, real estate around Chinatown Station seems to be a hot commodity.  Forest City finally started work on the long delayed Blossom Plaza back in October, and now another nearby mixed-use development has shown its first sign of life in years.  T.A. Patty Development is currently seeking the approval of a vesting tentative tract for the Chinatown Lofts, pegged for the triangular shaped parcel at 1101 N Main Street.  The developer's website shows a six-story, 318 unit building designed by Steinberg Architects, including 18 live/work spaces at ground-level.  Despite the adjacent light rail station and the Cornfield neighborhood's non-existent parking requirement, the project would include a large 618 car garage.  If and when the Chinatown Lofts come to fruition, it will be the result of nearly a full decade of patience and hard work.  T.A. Patty submitted the project's EIR way back in 2005, not long after the Pasadena - Union Station segment of the Gold Line first opened.  Most of Downtown LA has grown by leaps and bounds since then; perhaps the stars have finally aligned themselves for Chinatown as well.


  1. Replies
    1. It's not a head turner, that's for certain. Although in fairness, it would beat the current surroundings.

  2. That is very true, but its just sad because this could be an exciting cutting edge design given the area and the potential. Instead, we may be getting Irvine banality

  3. Another Starbucksih monstrosity and most likely over priced for people i could never stand to be around....Hope they enjoy the Foundry pounding that shakes the earth at 9:00 am every day...Oh well the proles need a cubical to live out their lives as serfs i guess.