Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Residential Tower Slated for 8th and Olive

801 S Olive Street, outlined in red.

Back in August, the Downtown LA Examiner reported that the parking lot at the southwestern corner of 8th and Olive Streets was in escrow.  It appears that the sale has now closed, as plans were filed earlier this month for a 27-story mixed-use tower at 801 S Olive Street.  The building would contain 363 apartments above 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail space.  Quite a change of pace for a corner that has served as a parking lot for over 60 years.

While the dated Google Earth image seen above would indicate otherwise, this parcel is actually located in the heart of South Park's recent development boom.  Just across the street, San Francisco based Carmel Partners is building a 700-unit apartment complex at 8th and Grand, with Whole Foods signed on as a ground level tenant.  Two blocks west, the Ratkovich Company plans to start construction on a $160 million remodel of the dated Macy's Plaza in early 2014.

801 Olive would also join a couple of tall neighbors currently under construction: the Onni Group's 33-story mixed-use building at 888 Olive Street, and Wood Partners' 22-story 8th and Hope Tower.  CIM Group has also submitted plans to the Department of Building and Safety for a residential tower at the corner of 9th and Hope, although the details of that proposal remain unclear at this point in time.  It seems like new high-rises are popping up all over Downtown these days.  Perhaps the recent fuss over the neighborhood's low-rise building spree was much ado about nothing.

Some of the projects invigorating South Park.  Clockwise from the top right corner: The Bloc, 8th and Hope, 8th and Grand, 888 Olive, and a possibly outdated image of 9th and Hope.  Images from the Ratkovich Group, DTLA Rising, Carmel Partners, Martinez + Cutri and CIM Group.


  1. Excellent! this is right next to my apartment so it will be fun to watch it go up. So much potential on this block between 8th and 9th, Grand and Olive. The lot across from the Embassy Auditorium and next to the Stillwell just sold too and i believe the corner of 9th and Olive did as well so there could be a lot coming up!

  2. I've always wondered when we'd see plans for the parking lots on that block. I suppose with 888 Olive and 8th/Grand going up, developers have started looking at all of that vacant land across the street.